Aron & April is a 2014 you-tube series created by ARF Studios.The series stars Anthony Fernando & Adanna Latchman.The series Premiered on August 17 2014 which got alot of views.The series was renewed for a second season in December 2014.

 Main Cast

  • Anthony Fernando as Aron Ali-A 13 year old boy who is the older brother of April and is very intelligent and Responsible.
  • Adanna Latchman as April Ali-Aron's Younger Sister who is Very Sassy.She does wicked things and pulls alot of pranks on Aron.She is Missy's Best Friend.
  • Andre Latchman as Jaden Clark-Aron & April Cousin.
  • Amanda Latchman as Missy RobinSon-A Friend of Aron.She is April best friend.

Recurring CastEdit

  • Reginal Lackhee as Wes-Missy's Friend from Texas,who April have seemly has a Crush On.
  • Nigel Latchman as Robin-Aron & April handicap Father who is mentalty sick.
  • Antonio Fernando as Antonio Parker-A friend of Aron & April.
  • Navin Rampersad as Billy-he is Aron's,Missy's,Wes and April's History Teacher.
  • Kyle ali as Kyle-He is April's Former Boyfriend who she seem to Dump but still likes.


Aron Ali (Anthony Fernando) -Season 1-2

April Ali (Adanna Latchman) -Season 1-2

Jaden Clark (Andre Latchman - Season 1-2

Missy Robinson (Amanda Latchman)- Season 1-2

Robin Ali (Nigel Latchman) - Season 1-2

 Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 20 August 17,2014 December 14, 2014
2 20 June 6,2015 December 5 2015

Season 1 (2014-15)Edit

Antonio Fernando who Played Antonio where Absent for x1 Episode,Ep.

Nigel Latchman who Played Robin where Absent for x5 Episodes,Ep 6,7,11,12 & 13.

This Season Consists of 15 Episodes but was later erased to 13 Episodes after the Series was Cancelled.

Number in series Episode Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
1 1 Pilot August 17, 2014 101 1.0
guest star-andre latchman as jaden
2 2             April's 10th Birthday August 24 2014 102 1.2

Andre(Andre Latchman) moves in with Aron & April.Meanwhile April Celebrates her 10th Birthday Party.

3 3 The Wierd Comination Father August 31 2014 103 2.5[1]

Aron,April,Jaden and Missy(Amanda Latchman),Aron & April Friend find Out wierd Things About Robin.

Guest Stars-Amanda Latchman as Missy Robinson,Andre Latchman as Jaden Clark and Sheila James as Grandma Ali

Absent-Antonio Fernando as Antonio Parker

4                       4               April,s Birthday September 21 2014 104 2.9[2]

April Celebrates her 9th Birthday

Guest Star-Amanda Latchman as Missy Robinson and Andre Latchman as Jaden Clark

5 5 Art Thief September 28 2014 107


Someone Steals April New Art the end april mistakley trashes it when she was the one who did it.

Guest Star-Amanda Latchman as Missy Robinson

Note-This is a Part of Who did is Weekend.

6 6 New Pet October 5 2014 105 1.9

Aron gets a New Pet But when Jaden Loses It things go a Mess

Guest Stars-Andre Latchman as Jaden Clark and Amanda Latchman as Missy Robinson

Absent-Nigel Latchman as Robin Ali

7 7 Boys vs Girls October 12 2014 106 2.3[3]

Jaden and Aron takes on Missy and April

Guest Star-Amanda Latchman as Missy Robinson and Andre Latchman as Jaden Clark

Absent-Nigel Latchman as Robin Ali

8                          8                         Haunted Apartment October 19 2014 110 2.3

Aron & April is Left in a Haunted ApartMent on Halooween Night.Meanwhile Antonio Builds a MoonBike.

9 9 Haloweenie October 26 2014 108 1.9
April Knocks off Aron,s Date to The School Dance and is Banned for 2 Weeks and is Put in the Darkness for 10 Minutes with she gets Scared but as 7 seconds gone aron takes her Out and Forgives her.
10 10 Scary Toon October 31 2014 109 2.7
Aron & April Make a Cartoon with Scary Players.
11 11           Part-Time Job November 16 2014 111 1.9

April gets a part-Time Job as Aron's Assistant after she breaks the Rules grounded for 1 week.,MeanWhile Missy Fixes a Broken Pipe left unfix in the Bathroom but has a run in with Insects all over.

Absent-Nigel Latchman as Robin

Guest Stars-Amanda Latchman as Missy

12 12       New Game Novembver 30 2014 112 2.0

Aron gets a new game but when April Breaks it she trys to fix it back before it's to late.

Absent-Nigel Latchman as Robin,Amanda Latchman as Missy

13 13        Missy's Gone December 14 2014 113 2.4[6]

Missy leaves to go to a other country because of her father.Meanwhile Antonio Struggles to Finish a Project.Aron & April says Goodbye to Missy before she host a party for her.

Guest Stars-Amanda Latchman as Missy

Absent-Nigel Latchman as Robin

Season 2-(2015-16)Edit

A Season 2 was Announced on May 15th is set to premiere June 6 2015.It was Announced that Antonio Fernando and Nigel Latchman is not a Part of the show anymore thats why they wanted to cancel the series but it returned.Navin Rampersad will guest star for 2 Episodes.

On July 6 2015 it was Announced that Nigel Latchman who Played Robin Would Return for a One Hour Special Episode.

Number in series Episode Title Original air date Prod.


U.S. viewers


14 1 Suprise June 6 2015 201 1.2

Missy Returns back to her hometown to stay.with April and Aron.Lucky she brings back a friend from there name Wes(Reginal Lackhee).Meanwhile Aron are eager to start 8th Grade with a new Teacher Billy(Navin Rampersad).He soon learns that April will be joining 8th Grade as the Principlal thinks she is smart enough so she goes into his class.but when she learns that the teacher is really strict she might want to transfer  out.Aron gets a new dog.

Guest Stars-Navin Rampersad as Billy,Reginal Lackhee as Wes

15 2 The Secret June 13 2015 202 2.4

Aron is mad that April kept a secret from him that she has a boyfriend following the month that he has been away.Jaden Moves in with Aron & April.Aron gets a new dog to his old dog and discover that they are Brothers.

Absent-Amanda Latchman as Missy Robinson

16 3 Missy's Birthday June 20 2015 203 7.7

Missy birthday is here but Aron discovers her mother died so he performs a song for her.after she felt better,Missy Performs a song for her mother i Will see you again from Fast 7.

Absent-Blackie as Fluffy

Song Included-We'll Be the Stars by Anthony Fernando,I Will see you again by Amanda Latchman & Adanna Latchman.

17 4 The Zombies are Here June 27 2015 204

when Aron dreams of a Zombie Apocolation,He asks wiz tech for Help but he learns that his teacher works at wiz tech..Meanwhile April and Missy fight over who should date Wes.

Guest Stars-Navin Rampersad as Billy,

Absent-Andre Latchman as Jaden Clark,Blackie as Fluffy

18        5       The Date July 4 2015        205           

Wes asks Aron permisson to go on a date with a April.Meanwhile Jaden Gets the Fever and Missy goes for a weekend by her father.

Guest Stars-Reginal Lackhee as Wes

Absent-Amanda Latchman as Missy Robinson

19 6 The Dance July 11 2015 206

The School's Dance is coming up and the girls are eager to ask Wes Out.Meanwhile Aron builds a self control machine.

Guest Stars-Reginal Lackhee as Wes

20 7 The Friged Bird July 18 2015 207

its Aron's Birthday and he end up sad when he learns his friends forgot it.meanwhile Wes,Missy,Jaden and April help plan a surpise Party.

Guest Stars-Reginal Lackhee as Wes

21 8 The Time Capule July 25 2015 208

Wes,April,Jaden,Missy and Aron puts things in a time capule which they will dig up 3 years later to see how there lives would have been.

Guest Stars-Reginal Lackhee as Wes

22 9 The Wishing Well August 1 2015 209

Aron builds a Wishing Well.Meanwhile Missy learns that Wes loves April and not her.

Guest Stars-Reginal Lackhee as Wes

23      10   The Noisy Kid August 8 2015   211

April gets Mad with Aron when he does not want to share his things with her.Meanwhile Missy and Jaden go on a Race while Fluffy is the Choach.

24 11 The Final Break August 15 2015 212         

Missy gets Locked Inside of School,Meanwhile Andre and April get into a Fight and Aron is in Detention.Fluffy gets locked at home.

25 12 The Dream Kiss August 22 2015 210

April Dreams she and Wes Kiss while he away.Meanwhile Aron,Missy and Jaden Celebrate there 2 hour day Celebration with Fluffy.

26 13 The Elvolution Party August 29 2015 214          

When April hosts a Party while Aron is at his Friends house for the weekend,she must find a way to clean it up before he comes  or before Missy Finds Out.

27 14 The Spoil Milk September 5 2015 215

Aron Discovers that a milk he just bought is expired.Meanwhile April gets Bullied at school and Jaden trys to stand up to the Bullies.

Absent-Amanda Latchman as Missy Robinson,Blackie as Fluffy

28 15 The First Date September 12 2015 213

Wes and April go on there First Date.Meanwhile Jaden and Fluffy go on a PlayDate and Aron is addicted to Watching TV.

Absent-Amanda Latchman as Missy

29-30 16-17 Aron & April Meets Millionare September 19 2015 216-217         

When April gets Pranked by a Millionare who made her buy a Cheap Doll for an Expensive Price,She Gets the Help of Aron to get Revenge.

31     18 The Murder of the Runied Dress September 26 2015 214          

.April must Find out who Runied Her New Dress.

32   19 The Halloween Party October 3 2015 215

Missy,Aron,Jaden and Aron Celebrates Halloween.

33 20 The Graveyard Zombies October 24 2015 213

Aron Rents a Graveyard but Learns that there are Zombies Plotting to Kill Him and his Friends,But Really is April Pranking him Jaden and Missy.

34     21      The Reunion Special November 7 2015 219               

Aron,April and Robin Celebrate a Special Moment while Vacationing in Talbaca.Meanwhile Missy Must Watch Over the House While she Hosts a Party.

Guest Stars-Nigel Latchman as Robin,Absent-Andre Latchman as Jaden Clarke

35 22 Aron & April Christmas Wishes Part 1/2 November 21 2015 218

Aron is Finally Turning 14th But When He Relizes that He wants to Spend his Time with April and Robin for his Birthday,He Discovers that April has Run Away during his Big Birthday Ball.Meanwhile Fluffy gets a Soulmate.

36 23 Aron & April Christmas Wishes Part 2/2 November 28 2015 220

When April Discovers the New Girl at School,Chelsea is Tricking Aron,She Trys to Inform him until he is Lost into teh desert.Meanwhile Robin Returns Home.Missy and Jaden Plan a Christmas Weekend for the Ali Family.

37-38    24-25            Robin Goes to Jail        December 5 2015        221-222          

At the Series Finale,Robin Returns Home as he is Locked up for didnt doing something he did.Meanwhile Aron,April and Missy Must Find a Way to Get Him Out.Meanwhile Jaden loses His Phone and Trys to Look for It and Fluffy and his Soulmate Breaks Up.

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