The Anthony Fernando Show is a 2015 You-Tube Web Series Created by Anthony Fernando.It is Distributed by 20th Century Dylan Productions.It is 5 Minutes per Episode and it stars Anthony Fernando.he talks about his personal life,his acting career,his wrestling career and talks about his Family,Pets and Friends.The Series Debuted February 7 2015 on You-Tube.The Series is Followed by Anthony Fernando's next series UnderCover Spy.On March 19 2015 it was Announced that the series would not be returning for a Second season on Anthony Fernando's Behalf.On April 4 2015 Anthony Fernando said that the series is ending due to him filming for 100 movies due until 2017.

Series OverviewEdit



Originally aired (U.S. dates)

Season premiere

Season finale




February 7 2015

April 11 2015

Season 1:2015Edit

This Season Contains 20 Episodes but in changed to 10 Episodes.On March 19 2015 it was said that the series would not be Returning for a Second Season.




Original air date

Prod. code

U.S. viewers (millions)




February 7 2015



An Agressive Anthony Talks About his Lifestyle,his Acting Career,his Brother and More.He Includes the films he will be Acting in Soon.

2 2 Low Battery February 14 2015



Anthony Talks About his Future and this Episode guest Stars Amanda Latchman.Also Anthony gets knocked out with a brick in this episode as well.

Note:this was the real date for this episode but it was put up February 18 2015.

3   WWE February 21 2015  104                                  2.3                      
Anthony Talks about the Current state of WWE and Uncoming events of It like Natalya Heel Turn Process,AJ Lee Retuning Soon,Randy Orton a heel or face,Whats next for Cena,Who will be Reusev next Challenger,Who will be Nikki Bella next Challenger,The State of the Authority and Superstars who will be Debuting Soon also a talk about the NXT Devison.
4    4 TNA February 28 2015 103 2.1
Anthony Talks About Tina like Samoa Joe Release,Mickie James Return,Havok may be leaving soon,More former superstars from WWE Debuting to TNA?.
5 5   Acting   March 7 2015 105 3.2

Anthony Talks about his Acting Career

6 6 Personal Life March 14 2015 107 2.9

Anthony Talks about his Personal Life and his Dating Relationship.

7 7 Family & Friends March 21 2015 106 3.3

Anthony Talks about his Family & Friends including a sneek peck at his Best Friend.

Note-This Was the Last Episode Aired on You-Tube which Anthony Fernando said that this was not the last Episode.

8 8  The Brain Game    March 28 2015                 109                                3.0                           
Anthony convinces his friends to attend a Brain Game he's Hosting.
9 9 The Spicy Flakes April 4 2015 108 3.3
Anthony Creates the Spicy Flakes.
10 10 The Life Career April 11 2015 110 3.1
Anthony's movie Career is in a State of Ending.

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